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Donovan was recommended to me, and I am compelled to pass on the recommendation to the masses. Donovan's coaching style is by far one of the most effective and efficient methods I've experienced. The quality of his work goes way above and far beyond, and I could just not be happier with the results.

Carolyn Russo

Donovan knows his stuff! I needed a demo reel and with his coaching, expertise and pure editing skills he produced a killer demo. One I still use to this day! He was friendly, encouraging and honest. Creating my demo with Donovan was a great investment. If you're searching around, stop here! Donovan can handle whatever you've got!

Sherhara Downing

Donovan is responsible for helping me get my start within the VO industry, providing me with the tools necessary to develop my skill set into a thriving career. With Donavan's guidance, I was able to join the roster of talent with the Stewart agency here in Chicago, where I've been for the past 10 years. During my voice lessons as well as with the completion of my demo, Donavan was patient and thorough in his tutelage, never making me feel overwhelmed. I am honored to say he is a value to the post-production/VO community, as well as a mentor & friend.

Jamal Neff

I have been working with Donovan for over 10 years now. He produced my voiceover demos which helped me to get an agent and many auditions. He is very talented in working with actors from all experience levels so that the actor can achieve the correct read very quickly. I have always gotten a lot of compliments on my voice demo reel and he is always very eager to help me to make sure that I am reading the copy correctly. Most recently, Donovan was very influential in helping me to create a web series for children where I voice 7 of the characters. He was very helpful in not only helping me to make sure that I made each voice unique, but the sound quality of the entire show was very good.

Kristin Broadwell

I have known Donovan for years. Over those years I have taken workshops with him, done private coaching and worked as talent on a commercial. He is an absolute blast to work with. To say he knows what he is doing and understands the business is an understatement. Whatever setting it is, he makes people feel welcome & appreciated and provides the right feedback to get a better performance out of them. If you are considering making a demo, doing private coaching or taking a workshop with Donovan...what are you waiting for!?! Do it now and you'll be glad you did.

Steve Bayorgeon

I met Donovan at a voiceover workshop he hosted in 2017. I learned a great deal and was so impressed with his teaching, engineering skills, and resume that I asked him to produce my demo. Donovan did an amazing job. The demo got me into a better voiceover agency, and he is always willing to change it up over time with new spots I've booked. He picked fantastic material that showed off a variety of what I can do with my voice, and the spots sound exactly like the commercials that actually aired. He is an absolute joy to work with, and he will give you a fantastic product at a reasonable rate. He is also a wonderful voiceover coach for any commercial auditions you want to polish up before you submit them to your agent. I cannot recommend him enough.

Laura Deger

I have attended many voice over seminars and classes. Those led by Donovan Weyland are by far the most educational and useful in my VO career. Mainly, it's his coaching that sets him apart. He is able to pull out of me what I can't always do on my own. In fact, when he's not around I often think "what would Donovan encourage me to do" when interpreting a script. His advice is golden. When it comes to putting together a VO demo, hands down Donovan is the very best. He's made a few for me and each one showcases my strengths extremely well. Other people I've worked with producing demo's don't have the coaching strength of his level. It clearly comes from his years of experience. His mad production skills help as well!

Cara Carriveau

Donovan is among the first people I met in the Voice Over Industry and has been without a doubt one of the most valuable I've had the pleasure to work with. During the recording sessions of my VO demo's, the coaching he provides, based on his years of experiences with talent far more experienced than myself, not only has made each demo "perfect" but has given me reference points for occasions where I find myself reading similar copy...allowing me to do a quick "tune up." Would highly recommend to anyone regardless of experience, for the novice his coaching is on point and for the experienced his game hits the mark every time.

John P. McFadden

Donovan makes you feel comfortable and confident and manages to get the best reads out of an actor. I have recorded several demos with Donovan: voiceover and singing and I will always go back to him because the quality, sound and content are always spot on.

Ben Crabtree

Working with Donovan on my VO reel was a very fun and exciting experience.....and the studio is awesome! His creativity, knowledge, and professionalism in the industry are second to none. I walked away with a commercial demo reel that has a wide variety of spots that sound like they just came off the radio! I highly recommend Donovan!

Mimi Sagadin

Donovan was an absolute Joy to work with! Through his instruction I was able to launch a voiceover career that is still going strong because of his unique talents and strong attention to detail. The demos that he has produced for me has landed me hundreds of auditions and work in the voiceover field. He produces with speed and creativity and you will likely land work with this very talented man. I highly recommend him.

Tony E. Walker

Donovan produced my recent demo that I am the most proud of in my VO career -- and it landed me three agents. His work is excellent. He's a very positive, smart, experienced and fun instructor who has given me a wealth of knowledge and nuggets of wisdom I still use today as a professional working voice actor. Coaching with him has upped my audition game and I have a demo that I am excited to share with both returning and prospective clients. Not to mention direct bookings off of it. Thanks again, Donovan!

Nicole Perez

I was a voice over rookie chasing a dream when I met Donovan. He was very welcoming and eager to teach me. He never once assumed I knew something. He started with the basics like studio etiquette, jargon, equipment and who's who at sessions. He provided all the material, coached me through tons of different types of scripts, and produced 2 demos I get complimented on constantly. The training is priceless. He is very thorough and patient. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Sarah Rose Galbraith

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